Tharp & Young on Ice-cream Short Course 2015

(Online Registration is now open)

The biennial Tharp & Young on Ice-cream technical short course will be held on 22-26 June 2015. Online registration is now open read more

Southeast Asia Association for Food Protection


Assistant Professor Yuk Hyun-Gyun was elected as the President of the newly charted Southeast Asia Association for Food Protection (SEA AFP) during International Association for Food Protection 2014 meeing held on 4 August 2014 in Indianapolis. read more


14th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium Poster Presentation

Congratulations to Miss Seow Yi Xin, our postgraduate who was awarded Outstanding Poster Presentation at the 14th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium.

Food Safety Without Borders, 2nd Runner Up IUFoST Graduate Student Paper Competition

Congratulations to Ms. Zheng Qianwang, our postgraduate who is the 2nd Runner Up in the Food Safety Without Borders IUFoST Graduate student Paper Competition 2014 read more


International Conference on Beneficial Microbes

Congratulations to Mr. Toh Mingzhan, our postgraduate who was the 1st Runner Up in the Young Scientist Oral Presentation Awars at International Conference on Beneficial Microbes 2014.

Research paper highlighted by

Dr. YUK Hyun-Gyun research paper published in Food Control on Comparison of the efficacy of various sanitizers and hot water treatment in inactivating inoculated foodborne pahtogens and natural microflora on mung bean sprouts was highlighted by read more

Vinayak GHATE

International Association for Food Protection 2014, Student Travel Scholarship

Congratulations to Mr. Vinayak Ghate, our postgraduate who won the 2014 Student Travel Scholarship from International Association for Food Protection.


Dr. LEE Pin Rou, Christine

Outstanding Young Scientist Award Winner

Congratulations to Dr. LEE Pin Rou, Christine, our FST Alumna, who is among the 8 winners of the IUFoST Outstanding Young Scientist Award 2014.

It adds to the previous success of FST Alumni in winning this prestigious global biennial award: Dr. T. Velmurugan THAVASI in 2008, Dr. FENG Shengbao in 2010, and DR. LIU Yeting in 2012.

A/P Huang Dejian

Highly Cited Researchers 2014 Report

Congratulations to A/P Huang Dejian for been selected as a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher 2014. read more

Postdoctorate Research Position at NUS FST

Postdoctorate research position in consumer survey and sensory evaluation is available in NUS-FST read more

FST Lunch Time Seminar Series

Is it safe to eat plant food?

by Dr. Geoffrey Savage, Lincoln University, New Zealand

read more


Our Food Science & Technology Undergraduate Degrees have been accredited

We have received accreditation by IUFoST (International Union of Food Science & Technology) for the Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Science and Technology) and the Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) (Food Science and Technology) courses.


Tenure-track Faculty Position in Human Nutrition

FST programme is looking for a tenure-track faculty position in the area of Human Nutrition at the level of assistant professor or associate professor. . read more


Tropical fruits wine made in NUS FST

Assistant Professor Liu Shaoquan, Dr. Christine Lee Pin Rou and our graduate Fransisca Taniasuri made wine in our FST Food Processing Lab. read more from our NUS' News Portal: The Straits Times, Razor TV