LI Dan

Dr. Li Dan
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry 
Food Science & Technology Programme

Tel: (65) 66017500
Fax: (65) 67757895
Room: S14-06-07


Education/ Honours


Assistant Professor, Food Science & Technology Programme, c/o Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, Singapore.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ghent University, Belgium

2014 Visiting Scholar, Nantes University, France
2009-2012 Ph.D., Ghent University, Belgium
2011 Visiting Scholar, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, USA
2007-2009 M.S., Food Science, Ocean University of China
2003-2007 B.S., Food Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China


Research Areas

  1. Detection and mitigation of foodborne viruses in food chains.
  2. Microbial safety of leafy greens produced in emerging urban agriculture systems.
  3. Fate of foodborne pathogens in fermented foods and seeking natural antimicrobial strategies.

Selected Publications

  1. Li, D.; Butot, S.; Zuber, S.; Uyttendaele, M., Monitoring of foodborne viruses in berries and considerations on the use of RT-PCR methods in surveillance. Food Control 2018, 89, 235-240.

  2. Zhou, Z.; Zuber, S.; Cantergiani, F.; Butot, S.; Li, D.; Stroheker, T.; Devlieghere, F.; Lima, A.; Piantini, U.; Uyttendaele, M., Inactivation of viruses and bacteria on strawberries using a levulinic acid plus sodium dodecyl sulfate based sanitizer, taking sensorial and chemical food safety aspects into account. Int. J. Food Microbiol. 2017, 257, 176-182.

  3. Bourdoux, S.; Li, D.; Rajkovic, A.; Devlieghere, F.; Uyttendaele, M., Performance of drying technologies to ensure microbial safety of dried fruits and vegetables. Compr. Rev. Food Sci. Food Saf. 2016, 15 (6), 1056-1066.

  4. Li, D.; Breiman, A.; Le Pendu, J.; Uyttendaele, M., Anti-viral Effect of Bifidobacterium adolescentis against Noroviruses. Front. Microbiol. 2016, 7, 864.

  5. Knight, A.; Haines, J.; Stals, A.; Li, D.; Uyttendaele, M.; Knight, A.; Jaykus, L.-A., A systematic review of human norovirus survival reveals a greater persistence of human norovirus RT-qPCR signals compared to those of cultivable surrogate viruses. Int. J. Food Microbiol. 2016, 216, 40-49.