Peter K.C. Ong

Peter KC Ong Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Food Science and Technology
National University of Singapore

Director, KH Roberts Pte Ltd


Expertise & Research Interest

Dr. Peter Ong obtained his Ph.D. from Cornell University in Food Science & Chemistry, where he did his research on Natural Product Chemistry and Flavour Chemistry. At Michigan State University, he obtained his M.Sc. (Food Science) and B.Sc. Hons (Biochemistry).

Dr. Ong holds several positions in the Food Industry. He is a Director at KH Roberts Pte. Ltd., an established flavour manufacturer. He is also the Director of OBS Ingredients Pte. Ltd, a third generation family own company that operates as a food ingredients provider for various agency products to the F&B and Food Manufacturing industries in Singapore and the region. In 2005, Dr. Ong founded a SPRING SEEDS funded start up company, RevoPack Pte. Ltd., which provides holistic packaging solution focusing on introducing revolutionary packaging to the food industry.

Dr. Ong remains committed in enhancing the field of Food Science; being involved in various projects as a technical consultant to the local industry and as a frequent speaker to various local and regional organizations and universities.

Dr. Ong has conducted research in areas such as Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Pesticide Chemistry, and Flavour Chemistry. He has current scientific interest in the areas of Natural Product Chemistry, Human Odour Perception, and in the field of Active Packaging.

He has published in scientific journals, presented at scientific meetings and contributed to editorial work. He is an active member of the Institute of Food Technologist, U.S. and the American Chemical Society.


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